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Learn why SA Underpinning has been entrusted with the restoration of an iconic piece of South Australia's history.

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How Do I Know I Need SA Underpinning?

Nationally about 20% of the land is covered with expansive and swelling soils – but in areas around Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills, this figure is much higher.* ‘Seasonal heave’ – which is the distance a soil moves from its wettest state to its driest – is a large problem in our hot, dry state, causing cracking walls and sagging structures.

But don’t worry – you’ve come to the right place to get help! SA Underpinning is your local specialist in underpinning footings, structural underpinning and reinforcing concrete footings.

So how do you know when it’s time to call SA Underpinning? Does your house suffer from any of the following symptoms?

  • External brickwork cracking or shifting?
  • Walls or floors sagging?
  • Cracks appearing in internal walls or around door frames?

If you have noticed any of these signs around your home, it’s time to call in the SA underpinning specialists right now! SA Underpinning are structural underpinning contractors who will give you expert advice about the best way to preserve your home and stop further damage. Underpinning prices can vary tremendously, so call us now for expert advice and the best price possible. We’re your SA Underpinning specialists!

*Source: CSIRO Division of Soils in Adelaide

What Is Structural Underpinning?

Cracked walls, uneven floors and doors that no longer align to their frames are all signs that the foundation of a house may have sagged due to unstable soil beneath the structure. Underpinning concrete footings is a means of propping up and strengthening the foundation so the structural damage of the home is repaired, and further damage avoided.

Structural underpinning involves excavating the original footings, then pouring more concrete underneath the footings and reinforcing it with steel to give additional strength. Once the concrete has cured – which typically takes around five days – heavy duty jacks are placed on the reinforced concrete and the whole structure is jacked up, which closes up the cracks and voids. Once the cracks have been successfully closed up, either heavy duty props are positioned to stop the building from sagging again, or the jacks are left in place and more concrete and steel reinforcement is used to make the repairs permanent and strong.


Underpinning the foundations of your precious home can solve your wall cracking problems, repair structural damage and safeguard your investment.

  • Underpinning reveals the original footings of the home so that correction, repair and strengthening can take place
  • Underpinning footings leads to a permanent solution to your cracking walls and sagging floors
  • It will safeguard your investment for decades into the future and could enhance the re-sale value of your home

In addition to structural underpinning, we can also assist you with:

  • Floor re-levelling
  • Crack repairs
  • Salt damp repairs
  • Wall removals
  • Renovations

SA Underpinning are Adelaide’s structural underpinning specialists. All of our underpinning contractors are licenced and experienced tradesmen, who have been underpinning Adelaide’s sagging houses for many years. So if you want your structural underpinning done right – for a fair price – contact SA Underpinning now for a free, no-obligation quote.

Hydro Vacuum Excavation

Using specialist Hydro Vacuum Excavation Technology, we offer the fastest and cleanest underpinning method available in Australia.

As an alternative to mechanical excavation, hydro excavation uses high pressure water to break up soil and other material to create the excavated space. This non-destructive digging technique significantly reduces both safety risks and the chance of damage to any underground assets.

Perfect for the following situations –

  • Block Method: Creates space for a 1m x 1m x 1.8m deep underpinning pad; or
  • Bored Method: 4m deep x 450mm diameter cavity.

Hydro Vacuum Excavation is suitable for both commercial and industrial projects and is ideal in situations where restricted access precludes the use of traditional excavation machinery.

In addition to excavation for underpinning, this method is suitable for bunker, cellar and swimming pool excavation projects.

We’re also licensed to provide trenching services.


At SA Underpinning we pride ourselves on the quality and durability of our work. We offer annual checkups by an underpinning specialist to ensure your peace of mind, year after year.

We’re More Than Just Underpinning Specialists

We ARE Adelaide’s No. 1 underpinning specialists – but that’s not all we can do! Our underpinning contractors will liaise closely with you to ensure that any inconvenience, noise and disruption is kept to a minimum whilst we repair your home. But whenever structural underpinning is carried out, there are often other jobs that may result from jacking up and strengthening your concrete footings. Repaired cracks may need to be repainted, or patching work carried out to make your home look as good as new. All our underpinning specialists are multi-skilled workmen who can assist you with any wall or door repairs or painting necessary to complete the job.

We’re your one-stop destination to get unsightly cracks and renovations completed on time, and within budget.

Call SA Underpinning now on 0418 928 032 for your free no-obligation quote.




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