Floor Re-Levelling

Does Your Home or Office Have That "Sinking" Feeling?

We can lift and re-level your concrete or wooden floor

What Are The Signs You May Need Floor Re-levelling?

  • Gyprock walls start to crack
  • Ceiling cracks appear along cornices
  • Internal doors stick
  • Gaps appear under skirting boards
  • The floor dips when you walk on it
  • Floorboards feel “bouncy”
  • Furniture wobbles

Concrete Floors

As Smooth As A Billiard Table

The versatility of the self levelling compound we use makes it ideal for worn and damaged floors and is the perfect solution for floors that are either uneven or not level. Perfect for retail stores, restaurants, offices, homes, apartments and lofts.

Our self-leveling compound is typically used to create a flat and smooth surface with a compressive strength at least similar to, if not better than, traditional concrete. This versatile material can be installed on top of correctly prepared surfaces such as concrete, ceramic and vinyl tiles, saving both time and money.

It’s ideal for lifting floors to meet door jams, floor vents or stairs. Damaged or unsightly surfaces will look new after application.

Previously, self-levelling compounds were used solely as an “underlay” on which other floor coverings would be placed. However, recent advances in the technology have meant that self levelling compounds can now be used as a finished floor.

Timber Floors

Sloping or Unstable floors? Plaster cracking? Doors or Windows Stuck?

Re-levelling is applicable to homes or buildings where concrete stumps or brick piers have settled and changed the level of floors or walls, often resulting in unsightly plaster cracks, loose or “bouncing” floors, or stuck doors and windows.

This is caused by shrinkage of the underlying, timber shrinkage in sub floors, or a combination of the two.

Re-levelling is done using hydraulic jacks underneath the building to push up appropriate parts of the floor. We then use a plastic packing system inserted on top of the existing concrete stumps or brick piers to support the floor at the correct level.

Many types of floor coverings now require a specific standard or tolerance on the underlying surface to ensure maximum product life and, in some cases, for appropriate warranties to be applied.

SA Underpinning will provide a no obligation, free quote to assess any project, no matter how large or small. We’ll provide you with a detailed outline of all aspects of the work that need to be carried out.

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